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The best way to learn a new language is by using it. But that's only possible if you know at least a couple of hundred words. VS WordTrainer is an iPhone application that helps you learn words, the fast way.

You can train whenever you have some minutes to spare. Each session is a mix of new words and words you tend to forget. WordTrainer remembers the words you have learned for you. All you have to do is push one of two buttons: Pass or Fail.

The wordsets we provide are the most useful and most used words in a language. If you learn Indonesian form English, the wordset will include pedicab, rice and tropical fruits. The wordsets are composed in such a way that you pick up some grammar as well. Depending on the language they include use of adjectives, articles, conjugations and more.

Free wordsets are available on our website and paid wordsets are available in the App Store. You can browse and download both free and paid wordsets in the WordTrainer app on your iPhone. Paid wordsets will cost (your local equivalent of) $2.99.

New: Chinese and Thai versions
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